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          Jerpbak-Bayless CompanyCall: 440.248.5387
          Jerpbak-Bayless Company - One Total Source for Quality & Service

          Custom Precision Metal
          Machining Services including
          CNC Milling, CNC Turning,
          OD Grinding, Thread Grinding
          and Helical Milling

          Jerpbak-Bayless CapabilitiesPrototype & Production CNC MillingPrototype & Production CNC TurningPrecision Custom ThreadingSpecialty
          Jerpbak-Bayless PortfoliosVery Long Acme
          Screw Shaft
          Spline Shaft Used
          for Deep Mining
          Augers and
          Feed Screws
          Specialty Threaded Connectors

          Prototype & Production CNC MillingPrototype & Production
          CNC Milling
          • Verticaland
            Horizontal Milling
          • SpecialProcess
          • Tolerances up
            to +/-.0005"
          • Most Materials
            Prototype & Production CNC TurningPrototype & Production
          CNC Turning
          • SpecialProcesses
            & ThreadingProcesses
          • Unlimited PartLengths
          • Tolerances up to
          • Secondary Services

          For Over 70 Years...

          Since 1945, a diverse
          group of industries has profitedfrom establishing a working relationship with the trained professionalsat Jerpbak-Bayless. We assist in product development, prototype andfinished production for your precision machined componentrequirements.

          Our trained staff is available to resolve
          any of your concerns.
          Call today with your questions!


          Precision Custom ThreadingPrecision Custom
          • Acme
          • Trapezoidal
          • UnlimitedSize
          • Internal & External
            Specialty MachiningSpecialty
          • GunDrill & ODGrinding
          • Shaping
          • Straightening
          • SplineHobbing
          • DeepBoring
          • Honing
          • Welding

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